About the authors

Thom and Sten Ritterfeld are brothers, who have lived on the Dutch-German border ever since they were born. They are nationals of the Netherlands and Germany, speak Dutch and German fluently, and have always been interested in European collaboration through this international background. They attended Dutch schools, while living in Germany. Thus, they crossed the border every single day. During vacations, they travelled throughout Europe with their camper and they have seen the riches of European cultures, peoples, and opinions. The sense of gratefulness for the European unity that is existent today lies at the heart of active participation of both brothers in creating a better Europe. mindinEU is a project they have initiated, developed, and carried out together, each using his skills to achieve the best solution for the EU.

Thom Ritterfeld

Thom is an ambitious software developer, who successfully obtained the degree of Bsc Information Technology. In the last year of his studies he went abroad and was able to broaden his horizon in the IT branch and in classes about App Development. Subsequently, he finished his Bachelors at Peperzaken, one of the biggest app developing companies from Europe. Now, he is looking for new challenges and horizons. Therefore, he just started his masters degree.

Sten Ritterfeld

Sten is currently studying European Law at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. There, he meets people from all over the EU, that are interested in European processes, just like he is himself. In 2012-2013, he went to the United States for one year within the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. This experience showed him how valuable the EU is - its infrastructure, diversity and modern approach cannot be taken for granted. Apart from being an active student, he participates in Model United Nations conferences all over Europe.
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